All Of Vegeta’sTransformation

All of Vegeta’sTransformation from the first episode ever in Dragon Ball, Dragonball GT, Super and Z. Even Copy Vegeta can be seen in this seven minutes video. You can see Vegeta’s power level and Super Saiyan both.

All of Vegeta's Tranformation

Saiyan Power LevelAgePower Level
Kid Vegeta 512,000
Adult Vegeta2918,000
Great Ape Vegeta291,800,000
Great Ape Vegeta2918,000
Super Saiyan135300,000,000
Super Vegeta (SSJ Grade 2)354.5 Billion
Majin Vegeta4220 Billion
Super Saiyan24218 Billion
Enraged SSJ2 (The Great SSJ)4610% of Beerus’s Power
god Essence 47Unknown
SSJgSSJ Super Saiyan god Blue 47Unknown
Purple Copy Vegeta (Fake Vegeta)47Unknown
Vegeta GT57950 Trillion
Baby Vegeta572 Quintillion
Super Baby Vegeta 157 11 Quintillion
Super baby Vegeta 25718 Quintillion
Great Ape Baby (Golden Oozaru)57120 Quintillion
Super Saiyan 4 58117 Quintillion


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